Our generation has been saddled with environmental challenges that dwarf those of any generation to come before us. That’s why American Millennials supports the establishment of both national and international strategies designed to protect our natural resources and minimize the negative impacts of human activity on the world.

National Livestock Standards

During the 20th century America has seen the collapse of family-owned farms, and the proliferation of factory farms that have been specifically designed to maximize profits by subjecting livestock to tortuous living conditions and engaging in environmentally destructive business practices.

American Millennials support the passage of National Livestock Standards that would require the implementation of humane living conditions for all livestock within 5 years.

To understand the ethical reasons why National Livestock Standards have become a necessity, watch the video below in which a chicken factory farmer exposes and speaks out against the industry’s current practices.


To understand the environmental reasons why National Livestock Standards are necessary, watch the video below.


To learn more about the various types of animal abuse which have become commonplace at factory farms, explore the Investigations page on Mercy for Animals website.

National Agriculture Plan

American Millennials support the passage of a National Agriculture Plan designed to:

  • help farmers coordinate crop rotation,
  • maximize agricultural output,
  • segregate organic crops from GMO crops to avoid cross pollination,
  • require excess agricultural product to be utilized for both national and international low-income nutritional supplement programs, and
  • permanently ban the use of Monsanto’s product RoundUp, the increased use of which has been shown to correlate with the increasing frequency of autism. To learn more about the correlation between RoundUp and numerous diseases including autism, watch this video.

Chart showing the correlation between the increased use of RoundUp and rates of autism.

National Water Protection and Reclamation Plan

While legislation such as the Clean Water Act have helped revitalize America’s lakes, rivers, and streams over the past few decades, the significant technological advances that have been made in irrigation and water reclamation need to be implemented on the national level.  That’s why American Millennials support the passage of legislation that would require all large-scale agricultural operations to embrace such new technologies and techniques to end the over-utilization of our nation’s limited aquifers, and significantly reduce the amount of agricultural pollution which makes its way into the same rivers we drink from.

Reef Protection Plan

One of the greatest threats posed by global warming is irreversible damage and bleaching of our planet’s fragile coral reefs.  The Obama administration’s recent decision to create the largest marine reserve in the world was a step in the right direction. However, given the importance that coral reefs play in the global ecosystem, protecting reefs and sensitive marine habitats around the globe needs to be treated as a critical issue on the international stage.   Recognizing this, American Millennials call on the American President and Congress to lead the global community in passing legislation to protect all reefs and sensitive marine habitats from commercial fishing, exploitation, pollution, and similar threats.

Carbon Extraction Plan

During the past 50 years, human activity has resulted in a significant change in the planet’s atmosphere, with levels of carbon in the atmosphere increasing from 315 parts per million to 385 parts per million. This change to the chemical composition of our planet’s atmosphere had already led to a global increase in temperature of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, and current projections indicate the situation will only get worse if we don’t take significant action now. Recognizing the seriousness of this problem, American Millennials are advocating for the passage of legislation that will place a tax on all carbon-based fuels, set at rates relative to the damage caused by said fuels, and use the proceeds to fund carbon extraction projects around the globe, as well as research into new methods of extracting carbon from the atmosphere.

Ocean Restoration Plan

The UN recently estimated that 90% of the world’s fisheries are fully, to over-exploited, depleted or in a state of collapse. Therefore, in addition to our Reef Protection Plan, American Millennials also supports the passage of international legislation to permanently outlaw the use of bottom trawling, and place reasonable limitations on commercial fishing operations around the globe as necessary to allow fish populations to return to their natural levels.

To understand why commercial trawling needs to be banned, watch this short video that explains what trawling is, and why it’s so destructive to the oceans’ ecosystems.

Reforestation Plan

While various efforts are being made to curtail deforestation around the globe, the time has come for humanity to take a pro-active approach in reversing the damage. That’s why American Millennials support the United States taking a leadership role in establishing a global program to replant forests across the face of the globe. This program would be funded by placing a small tax on every tree harvested by commercial lumber operations, paid for by the commercial operators themselves, or by their respective nations. While this tax would likely be less than $0.20 per tree, each tree harvested would pay for at least two trees to be planted in its place, either locally or in an area designated for replanting.