Climate Change

The vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is real, and that humanity’s heavy use of carbon-based fuels during the past couple centuries is responsible for these changes. Unfortunately, a number of irresponsible industrialists have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to mislead the American public and protect the financial interests of multinational conglomerates that profit off of oil, gas, coal, and fracking.

As neither major political party has shown a willingness to pass the legislation necessary to reverse the damage that recent generations have done to the planet’s atmospheric composition, the responsibility of solving climate change will inevitably fall on our generation.

While the conservative news-media has systematically mislead many Americans into believing that the significant changes humanity has made to earth’s atmosphere aren’t something that we should be concerned about, the vast majority of the scientific community has firmly concluded that the climate change we’ve started to witness in recent decades is real, man-made, and poses a greater threat to the wellbeing of humanity and life on earth than anything else.

To understand how much we’ve altered the planet’s atmosphere in recent decades, take a moment to watch this chart which shows the level of carbon in our atmosphere over time.

While solving climate change may be the biggest challenge humanity’s ever been faced with, we believe our generation is up to the task. To this end, we’re working to assemble the legislative package designed to significantly curtail the use of carbon-based fuels during the coming years and prepare our cities for rising sea levels, while simultaneously establishing a long-term plan to actually restore the atmospheric composition to pre-industrial levels.

To better understand why addressing climate change is so necessary, or how the conservative media has misrepresented the urgency of doing so, watch John Oliver’s recent explanation on Last Week Tonight: