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Submit a blog post today!Want to submit a blog post to American Millennials?  Do it!  Starting in January, 2019, the American Millennials site will begin posting blogs and articles submitted by our members. If our Editors dig what you have to say, we’ll post your article here on, and include a link back to your primary blog or website if you have one.

As an all-volunteer project organized by Perfect Republic, no compensation shall be provided for any content or blog materials published on this site. This all-volunteer policy has been established to encourage the submission of content based on a genuine need for the content’s publication, and encourage the creation of quality content by non-professional writers looking to get published. It’s our goal to avoid flooding the site and your social media feeds with paid, sub-par content, simply for the sake of saturating your communication channels (as is currently being done by other “Millennial-advocacy” groups), and will only publish content that’s worthy of everybody’s time.


Before you submit a blog post for publication on American Millennials, please verify that your submission is:

  • Well-Written: The content of your post is well-written, and free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Factually Supported: All facts listed, or alluded to, must be hyperlinked to supporting materials for easy reference.
  • Contains a Summary Paragraph: The first paragraph must summarize the overall idea or argument of the post.
  • Maximum Length: No more than 2 single-spaced pages in length.
  • Directive: All posts should be written with the interests of our generation (and future generations) in mind.

Blog Submission Form

To submit a draft of the blog post you’d like us to publish, simply submit it using the form below, or email us at If our editors approve the post, we’ll be in touch so your content can be published ASAP. Alternatively, if they determine any changes are necessary, we’ll let you know.