Join the Movement!!! is currently seeking talented writers, editors, and policy wonks interested in shaping the future of our nation’s public policy. The goal of is to develop and define an ideal political platform based on the best long-term interests of the Millennials generation, as well as the interests of future generations, rather than advocate for the partisan interests of either major political party.

If you’d be interested in having your thoughts on one or more areas of public policy published on, we are currently looking for volunteer writers, editors, and policy directors in a number of fields. To apply, click here.

While all positions are voluntary in nature at this time, levels of contribution and participation will be taken into account whenever paying positions arise in the future, and may be cited on résumés, C.V.’s, personal blogs, and as writing samples with proof of publication.

Academic articles, papers, and thesis may also be submitted, so long as the academic institution said content was originally developed for does not object to said publication or republication.

The only application requirements for becoming a contributing partner is that you live in the United States, be between the ages of 16 and 39, and capable of putting the interests of our generation before whatever ideological preferences you may have.

Join us, and help us turn into a content provider of influence on the national stage! Each volunteer will be offered a place on our initial Board of Directors, and will thereby be entitled to participate in the direction goes as we develop.


Millennial Platform Subject Editors (MPSE) (25+ positions open)

We are currently seeking separate subject editors for each subject listed as part of the Millennial Platform. If there is a subject/topic not yet included in the platform you would like to see added, and you’d like to take responsibility for that subject, please let us know. Each MPSE is responsible for developing the language and policy proposals for their assigned subject, consisting of content for a page specific to that subject, a list of reputable Internet Resources related to that subject, and a one-paragraph summary of their subject and their proposed policies related to that subject (for the main Millennial Platform Overview page).

Public Policy Writers/Bloggers (15+ positions open)

We are currently seeking 15+ volunteer Writers/Bloggers, each of whom will be held responsible for drafting one blog post per month on their specific subject of expertise or interest. All blog posts will be examined and approved by the MPSE responsible for that subject, or by the Editor-in-Chief, or the Assistant Editor-in-Chief. Each blog post submitted for publication must include draft posts for both Facebook and Twitter that summarize or sell the article to potential readers. Facebook posts should ideally be 40 characters or below, preferably less than 80 characters, and definitely less than 100 characters in length. (URLs are not included in these character count calculations) Twitter posts should be around 100 characters. Additional social media posts/links to news articles relevant to their assigned subject are appreciated, but not required.

Social Media Distributors (10 positions open)

We are currently seeking Social Media Distributors and Outreach experts who can help us maximize the reach of each and every blog post, link, meme, and/or video we post. While these positions are also currently voluntary in nature, distribution and reach statistics will be tracked, and we will gladly provide post analytics as evidence of your success in social media distribution to potential employers seeking experts in social media.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief (2 positions open)

We are currently seeking two Assistant Editor-in-Chiefs to assist with the principle management of the website, platform, blog, social media feeds, etc.

Executive Director (1 position open)

We are currently seeking an Executive Director, who can help develop the capital potential of and expand our reach. From integrating advertising into our site, to running fundraising efforts, to implementing an integrated DropShip store into the site, this position will be the first paid position at, with pay being determined based on results.


To apply for any of the positions listed above, click here.

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